Kami Wall paper

Caress any dull wall with a splash of color and texture using our self sufficient Kami sheets in a simple & fun application for an instant makeover.
Each package contains 5 sheets (40×80 cm Each) with slight differences, to create a unique, one of a kind wall with a
harmonic pattern flow.
*100% DIY
*no external glue needed
*perfect for small walls
*Easy addicting application

79,00 €
Varies by model


Backorder. Estimated delivery time 30 days.

1. Choose your style – plan your desired wall on the floor using duct tape or go freestyle for a stunning one of a kind design.
2. Dip the Kami sheets in water for 20-30 seconds.
3. Flip the sheet to the other side and dip again (until the sheet is completely wet from both sides).
Make sure that the center of the sheet is also wet
4. The sheet should be placed on the wall in the desired position, moving freely while the Kami is still wet.
5. After placing and correcting, wipe the surface with a slightly wet cloth, remove air bubbles, straighten and flatten the wallpaper on the wall.
6. Use a plastic spatula or a kitchen wiper to remove any excess wetness.
7. After placing all the sheets, let it dry completely.

Enjoy your new wall!


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