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Zellige Blanc Art Deco
The Zellige Blanc Art Deco are handmade tiles mounted together on a mat, like a real work of art! This wall tile comes from one of our factories in Fez, Morocco. The mosaic mat is 30×30cm and therefore easy to place, the surface is smooth yet vibrant and has beautiful color nuances. Because each individual tile on the mat is slightly different, a vibrant result is created. Although the tile looks rustic it also fits perfectly in a modern interior.

Good to know
Zelliges (pronounced “zulliezjes”) are handmade wall tiles from Morocco. They are baked in a special way and later cut diagonally so that they can be placed together very tightly. This labor-intensive work gives the tile its own looks and character. The clay used for the production of Zelliges can only be found in Fez, Morocco. This clay contains lime pits that can regularly be found on the surface of the tile or in the glaze. This also applies to small irregularities in thickness in the surface. This is characteristic of this type of tile and should be considered normal. Zelliges can only be used as wall tiles. If you are looking for this kind of tiles for your floor, take a look at our Plattas and Bejmat tiles.

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Zellige Art Deco

  • Zellige Art Deco
  • Zellige Art Deco

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