The Pico is a handmade wall tile measuring 6.2 × 12.5 cm and 1 cm thick, produced in one of our Spanish factories. It is a ceramic Spanish tile with a rustic appearance and a smooth surface. They are available in multiple colors.

Good to know
Our Spanish ceramic tiles are manually glazed and then baked in a large tile oven. The production process is still done the authentic way. This can often be seen in the finishing of the tiles. The top layer is very durable and can therefore be used for various purposes. These Spanish tiles are only suitable as wall tiles.

The Pico tile has a rectangular shape that can be placed in various patterns. For example in herringbone, half-stone or block pattern. These tiles are available in both matte and high gloss finishes. The Pico’s have different color shades and finishes in the surface. This creates a playful tile that gives a unique look to your interior. Can you already see them in your bathroom or kitchen?

Installing Spanish tiles
Spanish tiles are easy to install and have their own instruction manual. Upon purchase, you will receive a step-by-step plan with instructions and points of attention. We recommend that you read this manual carefully before installing the tiles. Or hire a good tiler who is familiar with this type of tile.

Pico tiles are ideal for wet areas such as a shower, toilet or bathroom, but also in a kitchen or hallway they fit beautifully. Nevertheless these tiles are also excellent to be placed in a hospitality venue or store and are the perfect addition to the preferred look and feel.

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