Ceramic fish scale tile

Escama is a handmade Spanish tile of 6.00×11.50 cm from our factory in Spain. It is a smooth tile with a particularly vivid surface and bright colors. This tile can be applied in both wet or hot areas, mostly seen as a kitchen wall, behind the fireplace or as a bathroom tile. Some of the Spanish tiles have cracked surfaces, meaning that hairline can occur in glaze of the tiles. This is inherent to the product and has no influence on the life of the tiles.
The Escama is a handmade wall tile measuring 11.5 × 6 cm and 1 cm thick, produced in one of our Spanish factories. It is a ceramic Spanish tile with a rustic appearance and a smooth surface. They are available in multiple colors.
Our Spanish ceramic tiles are manually glazed and then baked in a large tile oven. The production process is still done the authentic way. This can often be seen in the finishing of the tiles. The top layer is very durable and can therefore be used for various purposes. These Spanish tiles are only suitable as wall tiles and available in high gloss finish.
Some tiles may contain small cracks in the surface of the glaze. This is often part of the tile type. If Spanish tiles with small cracks are placed in a wet area such as a shower, the tiles should be treated with an impregnating product like Tile Sealant to prevent moisture absorption in the cracks. This only applies to crackled finished tiles!

Suitable for
These authentic tiles can be used as wall tiles both indoors. The following applies for outdoors: place on a paved surface like concrete, under a canopy, protected from water and sun. A significant frost can cause the glaze to crack.

Clay tiles are ideal for wet areas such as a shower, toilet or bathroom, but also in a kitchen or hallway they fit beautifully. Nevertheless these tiles are also excellent to be placed in a hospitality venue or store and are the perfect addition to the preferred look and feel.

Spanish tiles come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Each batch has a small color difference. The tiles from 1 box also often have color differences and irregularities. This is sometimes done on purpose to create a certain atmosphere or has to do with the production process and should be considered normal.
Spanish tiles have a hard top layer and are easy to maintain. Mop weekly with an all purpose cleaner. Preferably an acid-free product that is not too greasy. In case of heavy pollution, we recommend using Azule Dirt Remover. This degreaser deals with most dirt on various types of tiles.

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