Platta Hexagon

Platta Atlas Hexagone is a handmade Moroccan wall- and floor tile 12.50×14.00 cm. It is a smooth tile with a particularly lively surface and beautiful color shades. Plattas can be applied as wall tile and floor tile. Due to the handmade character the thicknesses of the Platta can vary, so take into account a thickness between 1.5 and 2 cm. They are also slightly smoother than conventional floor tiles. Plattas are available in different sizes.

Both the colors and the thicknesses of these tiles vary per delivery and sometimes even in the same delivery / production batch. This means that the color that we display on the website, in the showroom or via a sample, is not always the same or representative of the current or new stock!
We recommend that you inquire about the current colors and / or thicknesses in advance.

165,00 €
Varies by model


Temporarily out of stock. Estimated delivery time 21 days.

17.50×7.50×1,5 -2 cm


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