Moroccan wall tile

Perhaps one of the most beautiful tile species in the world. Everything about this tile is beautiful, even if a tile is not quite baked evenly it gives that extra dimension. Zelliges or Zellij in Arabic: (Pronounced as zelliezje), are also called Moroccan wall tiles. It is actually an Arab art form, on Wikipedia you can read all about it. In Europe especially the 10 × 10 and 5 × 5 cm tiles are in great demand. Particularly lively surface gives the tile its character. No tile is equal and each tile is hand obliquely truncated at the edges, making them virtually seamless to place. Manufactured in Fez, Morocco.

299,00 € / package
Varies by model


Temporarily out of stock. Estimated delivery time 21 days.

Temporarily out of stock. Estimated delivery time 21 days.

Product specifications
Product type Moroccan wall tile
Dimensions 10.00 × 10.00 cm, 0.80 cm Thick
Weight 17.00 kg per m2, 0.17 kg a piece
Packed per 100.00 pcs, 1 m2
Suitable for Wall. In and outdoors

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  • Gris Rose
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