Platta Naturo 18 x 8

Platta’s, a Mediterranean tile that is still produced in an authentic way. Tablets are made from clay in various forms. Usually square and rectangular.
They are left to dry in the sun until they are hard. Due to this drying process, the tile is slightly deformed and gets its undeniable shape. After drying, the tiles are decorated with a colored glaze layer and are baked in wood and/or olive kernel ovens. The irregular edges, the hand shape, the light differences in thicknesses and color give these tiles their own character. They can be used for both walls and floors, preferably with a minimal joint and ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. The name Platta’s comes from the production method. Large “slabs” of flat-rolled clay are at the base of these tiles. It is said that Sweden, which traded for centuries with the Portuguese and Arabs, gave the tiles its name. We sell Platta’s from our own production, made in the Mediterranean countries according to an old recipe.

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Platta Natro 18 x 8 cm

  • Platta Natro 18 x 8 cm
  • Platta Natro 18 x 8 cm

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