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Having lived in England for 20 years, I have always loved period houses, Victorian style tiled flooring, anything old and beautiful basically. When my husband Janne and I started renovating our 1916 built wooden town house we decided to spice it up with colourful tiles we had seen during our travels. We especially fell in love with Moroccon tiles our friends in Crete have in their house. I found some in UK and bought some for our two bathrooms and kitchen. Beautiful blue and white colour with traditional patterns.

During our next visit in Crete we discovered the cement tiles covering a shop floor in Hania. We found the factory they were made in and that opened up whole new world to us. We eventually ordered some of these stunning tiles from Holland and laid them in our entrance hall.

When we learned more about the process of making these tiles, we decided we would try to make them ourselves. We would like to introduce these beautiful tiles to other Finns, as we think they would be perfect for old Finnish wooden houses, Jugend buildings, retro 40’s and 50’s homes, modern apartments, just about anything!

In addition to our own tiles we will also represent Cretan, Tunisian, Indian and Bangladeshi tile makers. You can see the different collections of all the imported tiles under Products. Please have a look at the designs available. If you have your own design in mind, please tell us about. Let’s make it together!

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