This tile is suitable for wall and floor. Terrazzo is made of marble grains or pebbles in different colors that are pressed into colored cement or clay. After drying, the tile is polished and sealed to a smooth surface. Because of the polished finish, the tile is not porous and not as stain prone as standard natural stones. However, it is still natural stone and therefore we recommend that you only clean the tile with acid free agents.
Terrazzo tiles are available in different colors. The finish is always the same and the longer the tile is laid the deeper and more beautiful it becomes!

Good to know
Terrazzo, also called Granito tiles are tiles that are produced in batches. Because the tile is an amalgamation of different marble grains and small stones, different batches may not match. The color of the tile or the size of the granules or pebbles may slightly vary. This is part of the process of making this tile, and we cannot predict this in advance. The sample or tile you see in the showroom is therefore an indication of what you can expect.

Installation of Terrazzo tiles
Terrazzo tiles are thicker and heavier than standard tiles. Therefore, consult your tiler in advance to make sure he is aware of how best to install this product. We recommend that you use acid-free glue and grout when laying Terrazzo. If you have any questions, you can always ask for advice in our showrooms or via our customer service.
Terrazzo tiles can be used as floor and wall tiles and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are ideal tiles for the home such as for the kitchen, bathroom, hall, porch and toilet. But terrazzo tiles are also perfect for restaurants, large halls and old buildings.

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